Charity: Notting Hill Genesis

Area of Operation:London
Charity no:16558R
Pledge level:£1450 including £50 registration fee
What we do:

Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) works in the community, providing homes for lower-income households. This is our primary purpose, and everything else we do supports that aim.

The sponsorship money raised by our runners contributes towards our hardship fund, to help residents during times of hardship and crisis.

NHG Hardship fund

Sadly, many of our residents are unable to meet basic food and energy costs or pay for essential household items such as beds, fridges, and cookers. This is often due to vulnerability, ill-health, family bereavement or unexpected gaps in benefit claims.

Our hardship fund supports around 500 NHG residents per year during these difficult times, with grants to help ease stress and suffering.

Case Study 1:

Case Study 2:

Case Study 3:

"I have just received the shopping voucher which will ease pressure financially. I've got a call booked on Tuesday morning with the Green Doctors after the NHG referral. Thank you for the input and for organising this for me. My household feels less anxiety, more inclusive and connected, which is a good positive effect.” (Quote from tenant supported by hardship fund and partnerships team)

The money raised will also help to fund the following:

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